“Millennials, where did you go? Was it something I did?” – The Church. 

Things “Millennials” don’t want to hear and why they are leaving the Church.

I put “Millennials” in quotations because it’s one of my least favorite words and I’ll tell you why. It seems that every time Millennials are spoken about in this day and age, it’s aways in a negative light! The very word ‘millennial’ seems to have such negative connotations and is often used to describe someone in a criticizing tone. Now I know there are things many people in my generation do and attitudes many have that are pretty disturbing … I won’t deny that. Entitlement? Gets on my nerves. Not being a hard worker and expecting the world to hand everything to you? Grrr. But that’s a post for a different day so I’ll digress for now. 

In this blog post, I’m sharing a live podcast show I was recently a part of! A few weeks ago when my post over ‘The Shack’ film unexpectantly went viral, I received many, many, many emails- both good and bad. But mostly great emails filled with beautiful testimonies on how God used the film to show His amazing love for them! 

Another one of the good emails I received was from Robert, founder of The Orion Group and purposeofinfluence.com. He had read my blog and wanted me to be a guest co-host on his show! 

After speaking with Robert prior to the show, I could tell God definitely had put some things on my heart as well as Robert’s that he wanted us to share with our generation! (Okay I’ll say it- our fellow “Millennials” 😖) So snuggle up in your bed, or turn this up on your lunch break, (don’t worry- you can listen and check your Facebook at the same time 😊) and have a listen! We talk about many things, including tough topics such as fatherlessness and homosexuality and why many in our generation have left the church. 

There is a lot that we cover in this short amount of time, but please listen with open hearts and let us know your thoughts in the comments below! (And yes… I know I say “you know what I mean?” sooooo much in the show!!! Hindsight is 20/20 so please forgive me!) 

Anywho, be blessed my wonderful friends and may you feel the love of Jesus near always

Click link below to listen:


Olmos There,

Crystal Olmos
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