I tried Green Chef, but will I order it again? Confessions from a professional caterer and busy mom. 

I grew up eating huge gourmet home cooked meals nearly every single night and honestly, I don’t know how my mama did it, but she’s amazing so of course she did. 
As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve realized a lot of people didn’t get home cooked meals as I did growing up. And as of now, it’s almost become a lost art. Hey, I get it. When you’re working 8+ hours per day then commuting an hour to and from work, sometimes the last thing you want or feel like doing is hauling up the kids, grocery shopping, and trying not to buy that pack of powdered donuts because you are breaking the #1 rule of grocery shopping and you’re shopping while you are hungry. 

It’s exhausting. 

And on top of that, we are trying to stay healthy, right? Good nutrition and quality ingerdients are really important to my family! But sometimes I just get tired of the same ‘ol healthy meals and need a mix-up to stay motivated. 

Hence, the beauty of Green Chef. 

I’m not gonna lie. I was skeptical. 

I’ve tried the meal services before and they were just okay to me. Convenient… yes. But I just felt like I could’ve gone to the store and bought the stuff to make it and would’ve been able to buy even better quality ingredients for the price I was paying.

I didn’t like that the meat wasn’t organic and the produce wasn’t as well. I know some people may think buying organic is a waste of money or not important but if you research the effects of pesticides in the soil your food is grown in or pesticides sprayed on your foods during growth- it’s not good. Who wants to eat a chemical that doesn’t really wash off? 

I did some digging around because of this and came across Green Chef. They were exactly what I was looking for! 

All of their food is organic and free of any chemicals/pesticides! Gluten-free diet? They have it! Vegan? They have meals for ya! More of a carnivore or omnivore? They have you covered! My personal favorite?! The PALEO plan! 

Here’s the meals we got in our first box! 

Harissa Glazed Porckchop with braised veggies & a delicious salad with radishes and almonds. 

Grilled Chicken Satay with peanut sauce, sweet potatoes & yummy kale salad. 

Mexican Salmon Salad with kale, mango, jicama and other great veggies. 

Guys, Green Chef is just amazing. They make it sooo easy to eat clean and there’s just so much I love about it! Let me give you a list of why! {I love lists so indulge me}

  1. You don’t have to think about what to cook for dinner. I started this year off doing The Whole30 which is close to the same as eating paleo. Sometimes it was a challenge coming up with things that I wanted to eat. Green Chef takes the guesswork out for you and gives you the recipes and all of the ingredients to make it happen. Literally, ALL of the ingredients. The only thing you ever have to use of your own is salt and pepper. Can you say easy cheesy?! 
  2. You don’t waste food anymore so are not wasting money.  Omg guys, nothing makes me madder than throwing away hundreds of dollars of food every month. I try so hard to only stick to what I need to buy for the recipes I’m going to make that week, but with kiddos I feel it’s so hard to gauge because will they eat 6 apples or 15 apples that week? Oh they want oranges too. Now one just picked out some peaches. Ok should I put some apples back now? Ahh! These are my thoughts when we grocery shop which leads me to my next point. 
  3. You don’t have to grocery shop as often! Can I get an AMEN?! Loading up two babies between nap times who are likely now hungry again to go grocery shopping is not the most fun thing. Y’all know… no explanation even needed. 
  4. Everything tastes so crazy delicious!!! Guys, these meals are gourmet. Like, these are meals I would prepare for a fancier catering event, yet they’re so easy to prepare and just taste amazing! Even if you’re like my hubby and don’t have the most sophisticated of palettes… open your mind and your taste buds will thank you! My picky husband has enjoyed each meal we have tried from Green Chef! {I was shocked} 
  5. The family can help cook! Hello, family time! Not much skill is required to make the meals and the recipe cards are very easy to follow.  
  6. Dinner is served in less than an hour. The recipes suggest a 30 minute cook time. That’s probably true for people without two little rugrats to look after 🙂 but even with my little angels at my feet, I still get everything cooked and on the table in well under an hour. 

Have I convinced you yet?! Haha, I’m serious- being a busy stay at home mom and business owner, Green Chef has helped so much! I know it’s ironic because I’m a caterer and am cooking pretty much constantly, but when it comes to myself, I like to try different things and not eat the same old same old. So to answer my blog title’s question- YES I will order again! 

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, how about $50? Green Chef is giving all of my followers and anyone reading this $50 off their first box! Simply click here to make your order and your $50 off coupon code will be applied. 

You’re just about trying it risk free, so go order you a box! While you’re at it, order one for your mama, siblings, elderly neighbor, and your long lost cousin Susy from Idaho because Green Chef ships just about everywhere! 

Feel free to copy the link at the bottom and send along to any other friends you’d like to give this discount to! I know you’ll enjoy as much as I did and send me your feedback once you’ve tried it! Have a BLESSED week, lovely ones and enjoy more pics below of my little cuties and the delicious food we made! 

Olmos There,

Crystal Olmos 

My beautiful mother and catering partner. From a 30 year caterer, Green Chef food is approved! 

Coupon link to share HERE!  


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