Here are things you should know before taking your child to see the film, ‘Wonder’.

I often have the pleasure of screening and reviewing films early, a few days before they’re released. While I don’t always write blogs about them, ‘Wonder’ is a film I’d like to send a message out to parents about.

‘Wonder’ is a best selling novel, now made film, starring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and the young Jacob Tremblay that hits the big screen Friday, November 17, 2017. The film is centered around a child named Auggie who was born with severe health issues and birth defects that make his face deformed. The film follows him in his journey of going to public school for the first time.

Here’s what you should know about it and why you should take your kids to see it:

1. It discusses content that I believe every child on the planet should hear, see, know about, and talk about.

It’s no secret that children, yes children, are beginning to commit suicide at younger and younger ages. CNN reported earlier this year that one child under the age of 13 commits suicide ever five days. It’s heartbreaking when we hear this news but nearly every single time this tragedy happens, it’s due to what? Bullying. ‘Wonder’ deals with this subject matter in such a beautiful, relative, powerful, yet age appropriate way that kids can learn from. The central message is to #choosekind, always.

2. Kids can be cruel

As a former educator of middle school students, (I taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade English) I’ve seen first hand the cruel things that kids can do and say to put another down, and as much as we would love for the old “sticks and stones may break my bones” saying to be true, words do hurt; words cut deep.

This film highlights the pain words can cause as sometimes, children don’t realize the impact they have when they say hurtful things.

Without giving too much away, there are scenes in the film where some pretty mean things are said to Auggie that many kids would maybe dismiss as “playing around” or “kids being kids”. I think when kids watching the film see the hurt and pain it causes Auggie, it’s an example to them of just what their “playing” can sometimes do.

3. Kids can be warriors that turn into heroes.

Studying the Holocaust is something I’ve intently done since I was in the fourth grade. I’ve taught many lessons over it since, both from a historical point of view and a social/moral one. One of the main points I’ve always sought to drive home with students is to be an ‘Upstander’ and not a ‘Bystander’.

This film shows a couple of bold examples of what it looks like to be an upstander when bullying is happening. To be the one who loves when others hate. To comfort when someone is tormented. To be a leader, not a follower.

I want my son to be an upstander. I want my daughter to be an upstander. These kiddos are the warriors at school, in society. The heroes.

Little Auggie is a warrior. If your child is bullied at school, Auggie shows them what a warrior they can be. To fight evil with love. To find the positive despite all of the negative. To just keep going and not. give. up.

4. This film creates an opportunity for good conversation

‘Wonder’ opens the door for great conversations concerning bullying, justice, leadership, courage, faith, and how to treat people who may act or look “different” from us. I believe this film can impact the masses- for children and adults alike. I know of many students from elementary through high school age who are reading this book. I think the beautiful thing is it is opening up the door to speak about something that’s not so easily or often enough spoken about. This is phenomenal to me because I am a firm believer that the kind way we treat people can save lives.

To say I was in tears most of the movie would be an understatement… try ALL of the movie! {Okay, maybe I can be a cry baby sometimes, just a little bit, I’ll admit 🙂 } But honestly I can’t recommend this film enough.

There’s a lot I’m purposely not touching on in order to not spoil the film, but I think you and especially your children will leave this film feeling blessed, provoked, and possibly enlightened.

My age recommendation for this film: I’m planning to take my four year old son to see this but would safely recommend 5 years+ depending on the maturity level.

Thanks for reading, friends! Share this with any parents that you know and leave me a comment letting me know what you thought about the film.

Be blessed, loves.

Olmos There,

Crystal Olmos

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  1. Awesome Movie, A must see movie, it is learning experience for everyone in life , I recommend you what this movie ❤☺😢👍

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