An EASY way to save hundreds of dollars at Disney World- right off the bat!

My family and I are currently at our favorite place on Earth! Yep! You guessed it- Disney World!!! I love documenting our trips via social media and also love answering questions for people who are planning to visit!

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There is so much I’ve learned over the years- a stockpile of tips- that I know will help not only give you a pleasant, magical vacation, but most importantly, will help save you MONEY!

Along our journeys I always get asked how we “get to go to Disney so often”? Well…. I have a whole blog post to roll out on that soon! BUT TODAY… I quickly want to share an absolutely EASY tip that saves you 5% right away.

And here I’ll introduce the Target Red Card!!

This card links to your checking account and is extremely easy to sign up for with of course no credit check. It is also absolutely free and the best thing about it? You save 5% on every single purchase at Target including…. (drum roll please)….. DISNEY GIFT CARDS!

Disney Gift Cards can be used to pay for your trip on Disney’s website for your hotel and tickets; can be used in the parks for food, gifts, restaurants, pretty much anything! My husband and I like to pick up a $25, $50, or $100 Disney gift card every time we go to Target depending on where we are at in our budget for that month. Then we go home and plop it into our fancy ‘Disney Vacation Fund’ ziplock baggie that we use to save for our next trip! It adds up quickly and the 5% savings helps stretch those Disney dollars further! You can even go HERE and combine multiple Disney cards making checking out more convenient 🙂

Now I know some of you may be thinking 5% off may not sound like a lot of money saved … but think about it! It’s money saved with very little effort! Even buying $800 worth of gift cards saves you $40. If you have a large family and are paying $5000 for your Disney trip, by buying these gift cards, you’ll instantly save $250! Every dollar counts!

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All you need to do to get a Target Red Debit Card is apply online HERE! (While you can also apply for a Target Red credit card, I don’t recommend buying things on credit as this can easily lead to overspending and debt. Just not something I personally advise.)

Another little perk I love is the Red card also gives you free shipping on most purchases and an extra 30 days on returns which is nice to have.

So there it is, friends! An easy and quick way to not only save money on your Disney vacation but every single purchase you make at Target! {other than Target gift cards}

If you don’t have a Target close to you, you can also save about 3% on Disney gift cards at Sam’s Club. Hope this helps and stay tuned for more tips I have to save money at the Most Magical Place on Earth! Be blessed my loves!

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Olmos There,

Crystal Olmos

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