Guess what Target did today?

Did we all survive Halloween 2018 last night? I did and my babes had a blast trick-or-treating. But I don’t know y’all, I just could not get into the Halloween spirit this year for some reason. I felt so bad. I always do fun, family costumes that I hand make a lot, or at least partly hand make. And this year… I just didn’t feel like it. My kids still looked super adorable though. Just look!

I had made my 2 year old a Jessie (from Toy Story) costume last month when we went to Disney World and she was dying to wear this again. She absolutely loves it! So she wore this and my son was the cutest Buzz Lightyear. I’m thinking maybe I was feeling this way though because of two reasons.


One, my son was just in his very first play which was Lion King! He was Ed, the hilarious hyena! He had eight shows and I of course dressed him and did his makeup for each show. It was such a chore with a five year old wiggle worm! Ah! (We may have gone round and round a couple of times.) While the play was much fun, I think I’m still just tired from finishing all of the shows from the past two weekends.

Second reason I think I just wasn’t into it as much is because we dressed up a lot in September when we went to Disney World, which was super fun! I got my little girl every Disney Princess dress under the sun and made her and Pax a couple of fun costumes as well. So maybe I just costumed and Halloweened myself out for this year! I don’t know! Buuuut…. now I’m super excited because I love, love, love Thanksgiving and Christmas! And one of the biggest reasons? I love shopping and especially love shopping for other people! So what does Target do today to fancy people just like me?

They leaked a bomb Black Friday Ad and are having a crazy, crazy, major sale TODAY only, November 1st! Check it out here, loves, and order some goodies up! Scroll on down to see what I found to be the best deals….

Posts on Olmos There contain affiliate links, which I may earn a small commission from. These are provided for convenience with no price increase.

  1. V-Tech Video Baby Monitor   – One of the absolute BEST deals is the V-Tech TWO CAMERA baby monitor for $69.99- this is $70 bucks off! Yay! Ours broke a couple of months ago and I was waiting for a good deal- herrrrre it is!
  2. Kitchen Aid Professional 5-Qt. Mixer– $219.99 yall! Literally $230 OFF!!!!! Reg. $449.99.  Every year this beauty makes the top of so many people’s Christmas list. It was at the top of mine last year and I got it!!!  I’m seriously considering if I need it in another color because I absolutely ADORE mine! These are AMAZING! I promise you will like it and at this price- my jaw has dropped.
  3.   Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum – $189.99!!!!! I have been crushing over this CORDLESS (yes moms- CORD-LESS!) Dyson for a year now. And it is $110 off. Shut up. Ah. I’m dying right now. #takeallmymoney

And DON’T FORGET your extra 5% off by using your Target Red Card.

I hope y’all find some amazing deals! You know I’ll share more this holiday season as I come across them! Let me know what you bought in comments!

Olmos There,

Crystal R. Olmos

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  1. I am so excited! Thanks for sharing 🙌🏽❤️❤️❤️


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