Hello from the outside.

Don’t you just hate to love that song? Just kidding. Adele is awesome. I shamelessly love that song no matter how overplayed it is.

Well, who are you? is what you may be wondering. Allow me to introduce myself! I’m Crystal Olmos.

img_4708{Yes, this is a bathroom pic of me 😂 } New to the blogging world but not so new to social media 🙂 I’ve been a Facebook junkie for nearly the past decade, but decided it was time to bring my thoughts and words to an alternate platform for those interested. So back to my “about me”. (Oh goodness) I’m a stay-at-home-{working}-Mama, Christ follower, business owner, investment lover, former teacher, foodie who loves to cook, and a five year wifey to my sweet hubs, Jason. I know, I know… sounds like every other blog you’ve ever read 😂.


It will get better, I promise {read: hope}.

I have two amazing little people who I adore dressing up, taking on adventures, losing my mind over, and just raising in general. It takes a village, amiright?! Yes I am. Here’s the little boogers.

I’m really excited to bring interesting things to this blog that will possibly inspire you,  provoke thought, and make your life a little easier {I’m learning the art of simplicity}. I promise there will be recipes, good fashion/diaper/money saving deals, crazy stories, and natural remedies all along the way. This blog is kinda for everyone. Or at least I want it to be. You’ll have to come back and see! Muahaha.

Thanks for stopping by, and more to come from yours truly!

Olmos There.

Crystal Olmos

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  1. Wow what a beautiful family! Excited to follow your writing!


    1. crystalolmos says:

      Thank you Sunny! How kind of you! Following yours as well 🙂


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