Little Deer Birthday Party {part one} 

If you’re stumped for an adorable theme for a girl OR boy birthday party or baby shower, look no further!

During Christmas, I briefly blogged how deer were one of my current favorite decor trends, so it was a no-brainer when it came time to pick a theme for my own baby deer’s first birthday party! 

My baby girl is so little and cute like a baby deer, so it just fit perfectly! Look at her little face! ❤️

There is really SO much that went into her party, because hello?! You only turn one ONCE! But I’m going to highlight my favorite parts and feel free to ask my any questions on anything else your inquiring mind may want to know!!! 

Most of the pictures are professional from our favorite family photographers. I can’t stress enough how amazing it was to not have to worry about documenting most every moment of baby P’s b-day myself and to just enjoy the party! We did an at-home photo shoot the day before her party, just like we did with Pax when he turned one. It was so special! 

 With that being said,  I want to start by sharing the theme table at the party, but only artsy shots were taken and none from the front view unfortunately. 

However, just look HOW. STINKING. ADORABLE! My favorite ever. 

{My sweet mama helping with the garnish.}

Left side 

{Her organic smash cake made by yours truly and her deer birthday cake that was ordered.}

I wanted a light and bright gold and white wooded motif with a pop of pretty bright green as the theme colors for this event. 

The pine cones came from Dollar Tree, of all places, during Christmas season, as well as the cute gold deer! They were actually ornaments and were 2 for $1! The pine cones were $1 for 6 of them and they smelled like cinnamon as a bonus ❤️
The greenery all came from my favorite Home Goods and the adorable succulent was borrowed from my little sis, Angel! 

On the theme table, I featured a few of our favorite desserts! My mom and I actually own a catering company (shoutout Elmbrook Catering!) and the desserts I made for Preslyn’s b-day are some of our top sellers! I figured her AND our lovely guests deserved nothing but the best on my baby’s big day! 

I made white chocolate covered strawberries, mini organic coconut flour banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (the same batter I made homemade for her smash cake) AND dessert shooters: Oreo cheesecake raspberry, cream cheese carrot cake, and chocolate chip red velvet! 

I presented them on adorable wooden and clean white serving pieces, again, found at Home Goods! 

Dessert Shooters

 {I’m obsessed with this wooden stand! Mini- organic banana cupcakes & scrumptious white chocolate covered strawberries!}

Okay so I have to take a moment to brag about two things. I’m going to be honest, as a busy busy mama, I have the best intentions of all of the cute things I want to make for my babies. But let’s be honest, I don’t always get them done. So when I DO, it’s a BIG deal to me and I’m going to shout it from the rooftops! 
#1 is the adorable “ONE” letters I free-handed painted for her. I LOVE them! The “N” is so sparkly and glittery! Oh I just love them. 

I bought them wooden and naked at Michael’s and painted life onto them (so dramatic, I know 😂) BUT the awesome thing is I am going to keep these as a keepsake for Pres so she can always have them and know how I slaved over them FOR hours JUST HOURS before her B-day photo shoot and only got two hours of sleep 😊 haha, did you catch all that? 

{In love with these paper fans from Hobby Lobby! I used them for decor for her party as well behind her theme table!}

#2 is I made her little deer tutu all by myself!!! Again, a LABOR OF LOVE ❤️ LOOKIE HERE! 

You can’t see too well, but the back has little white felt dots on the top to make it look like a deer! I’ll have to post a shot of just the tutu soon 😊
And #3 …. oh did I not mention I had 3? Sorry I thought of another while I was on a roll! Her little 1st birthday board. I made one for my Pax-man when he turned a year old! I’ll post them BOTH! 

Paxton at 1. 

These are so cool to make for a keepsake for your little one later on! I also really enjoyed comparing their stats at age 1. So sweet ❤️❤️❤️

That’s part one, loves!!! Stay tuned for part two and let me know what you think so far!!! Did I nail the deer theme?! 

Olmos there,
Crystal Olmos 

Photo cred: Yingsong Kaping & Kristi Patel 

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