The healthiest BLT you’ll ever eat! All of the flavor, none of the guilt. 

Well hello everyone!!! I’m so excited for all of you new awesome readers I’ve “met” from my last couple of posts regarding ‘The Shack’ film. When God asked me to write that post the night I got back from the advance viewing of the film, I never expected what happened to happen. It unexpectedly went crazy viral & reached over 650,000 people and counting. Thank you to everyone who loved it and shared it. I’m still in disbelief, but am so glad I was able to speak and pray with so many wonderful people since the post was published (including Paul Young himself!) and see it published on several websites, including William Paul Young’s & The Shack Book’s official site.

It’s crazy when I went back and read my Why this year will be different {New Year’s post}, and saw just how faithful God has been already this year! (Per His usual!) It was almost like reading a prophetic word of what God was going to do through me and has in the past few weeks. Anyway, I wanted to say welcome and feel free to look around and stay awhile. 

So today I’m sharing a healthy meal that I just LOVE!!! Who else loves a good BLT or let’s be honest, ANYTHING with bacon?! 
Ok, I’ll admit… I don’t think I’ve eaten a true BLT since childhood! I do like bacon every now and then, but it’s not something I crave, mostly because it’s usually paired with unhealthy foods. However, once I discovered this amazing and guilt-free way to eat bacon, this is one of my favorite meals- especially for quick lunches!!! It’s a great, healthy meal for my toddler & hubby too who are both bacon lovers! 

To keep this recipe healthy, I recommend making it with turkey bacon. Now I know a lot of you are groaning and saying, “Ugh no! Not turkey bacon!” 

I’m not gonna lie, I have come across some nasty and less than healthy turkey bacon in my day BUT times have changed and there is quality, turkey bacon on the market now that is not full of junky sugar and nitrates/nitrites. READ LABELS!!! I buy mine from Sprouts, Whole Foods and Kroger. The nice thing about these higher quality turkey bacons is they actually get crispy! Yay for crispy bacon! ❤️  So without further adieu, here are the deets on this yummy recipe!

1. Start off by cooking your bacon in the oven at 400 degrees F for about 10-12 minutes or until it has reached desired crispness. (You can also cook in a skillet on the stovetop) 

2. While the bacon is sizzling up, wash your romaine lettuce and get your tomatoes and toppings prepped. Although it’s a BLT, feel free to get your veggies in and add shredded carrots, avocado, onions, purple cabbage, radishes, or any other goodies you have on hand! 

3. Grab your favorite condiments to go on your BLT. My personal favorite? My homemade, super easy to make, healthy mayo, of course! If you missed the recipe, check it out! Another great condiment to keep this meal light and healthy is organic yellow or Dijon mustard. It literally has zero calories, sugar, and fat. And tastes yum yum as well! I like adding it with mayo. 

4. Get your bacon out of the oven and build your perfect BLT+veggies! Pair it with fresh fruit, and you’ve got a perfect paleo, Whole30, heart healthy meal!
Here are some yummy variations I’ve made:

I made this for my sweet mama recently whose eating mostly Paleo and heart healthy. I made two of them for her post-workout and it was the perfect portion. For those who are watching their sodium intake or have high blood pressure, I recommend you check the sodium amount in each slice of bacon and eat accordingly. 

Three slices of this brand contained 30% of the recommended amount of sodium one should consume in a day. As a two time heart attack survivor, my mom strives to eat little to no sodium daily so she ate two slices of this bacon and consumed no more sodium that day. Just something to be mindful of! 

Enjoy this fun recipe and let me know what you think!!! You’ll love it- trust me! If I can get my 6ft 2 not-always-veggie-loving, brawny, hubby to like these, anything is possible! Haha! (Granted, he does eat about six of these but hey! That’s okay)

 God bless you and may your week be filled with HIM! ❤️

Olmos There,

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